Spring Break Ideas!

I hope that each of you has an absolutely amazing Spring Break and enjoys some quality time with your families! I will miss you in the next week but cannot wait to hear about your Spring Break adventures. Here are some ideas of fun (and optional) things to do:

Spring Break Ideas: 

Fun Animal Report!

Animal Report Book: 

Google Classroom Assignment (Optional): 


Thursday, April 2nd

Today is a very special day because we are celebrating Eline’s birthday! Eline, our class loves you so much and is excited to celebrate you today!

Today is also the last day of school before spring break begins. I hope that you have such an amazing break! I will be spending my spring break hanging out with my family, so I won’t be posting videos next week. But, come back to the blog tomorrow for some fun spring break ideas to do next week!

Zoom Call

We will have a zoom call at 10:15 this morning!

Link: https://hpseagles.zoom.us/j/5815262607

Meeting ID: 343 108 100

Password: 095549

We will do our morning meeting routine and play a fun game together!

Yesterday’s Challenge

I loved seeing Alivia’s April Fools prank on video! She played a silly joke on her grandma! Emery made a banner across a door way and saran-wrapped an iPad! Makinley tricked Miss Raisch into believing that her tooth was knocked out playing basketball, and Riley put salt in her dad’s drink. We have such a silly class! 🙂

Today’s Video

Today’s Challenge

Make a card for Eline and send me a picture of it! I will send Eline all of our cards at the end of the day!

Google Classroom

Read Aloud: Henry and Ribsy Chapter 1 Part 2

Wednesday, April 1st

Happy April 1st! I am so excited to be starting a new month with all of you!

Yesterday’s Challenge

Congratulations to Emery, Brooks, Brody, and Alivia for finishing the whole neighborhood scavenger hunt! Great work! Elena, Colton, Jase, and Makinley found almost everything as well!



Today’s Video


Today’s Challenge

Have some fun and play a safe, but silly prank on someone in your family for April Fool’s Day! Send me an email or picture about what you did!

Google Classroom

Read Aloud: Animal Homes


Tuesday, March 31st

Hello class! Happy Tuesday! It was SO awesome to see so many of you on our class Zoom chat yesterday morning. I cannot wait to talk again at 10:30 on Thursday morning! Let’s make today another awesome day, first graders 🙂

Yesterday’s Challenge

I loved seeing your dream car ideas! You have great imaginations and artistic skills!

Colton’s Car
Jase’s Car
Gabe’s Car


Today’s Video


Today’s Challenge

I want you to get outside today and go on a scavenger hunt around your neighborhood! Send me a picture showing me which things you were able to find on your hunt! If you cannot print this page, then write down the objects on a piece of paper to take with you! Let’s see who in our class can find the MOST things from the list!

Google Classroom

Let’s focus on practicing our good reading habits together!

Read Aloud: Henry and Ribsy Chapter 1 Part 1

Monday, March 30th

Good Morning first graders and happy Monday! We are about to begin our 3rd week of learning online and we have lots of fun adventures ahead of us.

Zoom Chat

I look forward to seeing you this morning at 10:30 on Zoom! Please use this link to access our class chatYou may also need to know the Meeting ID: 459 404 938 and Password: 013520.

Google Classroom 

We are starting something new today – Google Classroom! Please use your Hudsonville email and password to log in. Our class access code is c62w7ci. You will have this math challenge waiting for you there! Every day you will have a short lesson on math, reading, writing, or social studies! Sometimes you will have to record a video, send me a picture, or practice something on paper!

Friday’s Challenge

Awesome job helping out your parents in special ways last Friday! Makinley helped her mom do some house cleaning while Harper made a card for her parents!

Today’s Video

Today’s Challenge

Watch the Read Aloud video down below. Then, draw a design of your DREAM car! Send Miss Raisch a picture of your design. What could the inside and outside look like? To get even more creative, see if you can make your dream car out of materials at your house (cardboard boxes, legos, blocks)! I cannot wait to see the pictures you send!

Read Aloud: If I Built a Car




Friday, March 27th

Happy Friday kiddos! You have finished your second week of learning at home. I am SO proud of your hard work and have loved seeing you complete the challenges and earn certificates on MobyMax! I hope that you have an awesome weekend!

On Monday, we are going to have a class Zoom chat. Please use this link to access our class chat on Monday at 10:30 am. You may also need to know the Meeting ID: 459 404 938 and Password: 013520. Please reach out with any questions that you may have! We are going to play a class game and students will have the opportunity to share with their peers what they have been up to during the last 2 weeks!

Yesterday’s Challenge

Nice work coming up with a word for each letter of the alphabet Eliana, Makinley (and sister!), Elena, Colton, Jase, Emery and Alivia!


Today’s Video


Today’s Challenge: 

Do something kind for your parents today! Make your bed, clean up your room, ask if you can help them with a project, make them a card, or do something else to surprise them with kindness! I cannot wait to hear about what you do to show love toward your amazing parents 🙂

Read Aloud: Camping Catastrophe Chapter Eight



Thursday, March 26th

Happy Thursday boys and girls! I hope that you enjoyed the sunshine yesterday and were able to spend time outside. I wanted to let you know about something fun we are going to do next week. Next Monday we are going to do a Zoom call with our WHOLE CLASS! This way you can see your friends and we can talk together as a class family! More information will be coming out about this tomorrow.

Yesterday’s Challenge:

I loved getting to see some amazing reading from Elena, Alivia, Brody, and Riley yesterday! Keep up your awesome reading skills!

Today’s Video:


Today’s Challenge: 

I want you to take a piece of paper and try to write a different word for each letter of the alphabet (ex. A-apple, B-banana, C-cat, D-dinosaur, E-excited). See if you can come up with a different word for all of the letters! Then send me a picture of your list!

Read Aloud: There’s Nothing To Do

Wednesday, March 25

Happy Wednesday first grades! I am sending a fist bump, high five, hug, or handshake your way today! I miss you a lot…and I bet that Otis and Rasheed miss you a lot too!

Yesterday’s Challenge

Thank you Makinley, Braxlee, Riley, Ava, Riley, Alivia, and Brooks for your awesome Mo Willems drawings! You drew some of our favorite characters!


Great job to Jase K. and Colton as well for working hard on their MobyMax and reading goals!


I also loved seeing Emery’s obstacle course – great work!

Today’s Video

Today’s Challenge

I hope that you have enjoyed watching the videos I have been posting of the different books that I have been reading! Today I want you to make one of your own! Please use this flipgrid link, click on the green plus button to add a video, and I cannot wait to see your awesome reading skills!

Read Aloud: Pig the Tourist


Tuesday, March 24th

Happy Tuesday first graders! I hope that you got a lot of great sleep last night and are ready for another great day. Did you enjoy the snow on the ground yesterday morning? I know that Eliana had a lot of fun playing outside in the snow!

Yesterday’s Challenge

I loved seeing the creative obstacle courses that you all made yesterday! Here are just a few of the awesome ones you shared with me:


Makinley and Brody also made some awesome creations, but their videos were a little too big to share 🙂

Today’s Video: 


Today’s Challenge

In our classroom, we LOVE reading the Pigeon and Elephant & Piggie books! The amazing author of this book is doing daily drawing videos. I want you to pick one of the following videos and follow one of them! Please send me a picture of you and your artwork!

Read Aloud: Special Guest!

Enjoy our very own MR. ROB reading a special book, What Does It Mean To Be Kind? 

Monday, March 23rd

Happy Monday First Graders! I hope that you had a wonderful weekend and are ready for another exciting week! I miss you SO much, but I have loved the many pictures and videos that you have been sending me. I have another round of awesome challenges for you and cannot wait to see how you complete these!

Today’s Video: 


Today’s Challenge: 

Today I want you to make an obstacle course to race through! You can make this inside your house with pillows or toys, or get creative with some things outside. You can try running through this a couple of times and try to beat your own time, or race a family member! Send me pictures of your awesome creations!

Talk with Miss Raisch!

I miss each student SO much and cannot wait to see each one! Until we are able to be back together, I would love to talk over video chat! Please sign up for a 15-minute slot to talk here. If you are using Zoom, you will need to download this program onto your computer. Please check your email right before we talk and I will send you a link for our chat! If you are using Google Hangouts, I will call your student using their Hudsonville email and password. If you need access to this, please let me know as well!


Many of you have been doing an amazing job doing your math and word study practice on MobyMax. Keep up the awesome work!

Parents-feel free to use this resource to help you know how to navigate the site. I have been messaging some of your students on MobyMax which is a new feature, so please show your student how to see those! If you look at the guide and the number 4 communication section, this will show you how to access messages.

Read Aloud: Goodnight Already!